Reverb Preferred Sellers

Sellers Recognized for Outstanding Service

Reverb Preferred Sellers

Sellers Recognized for Outstanding Service

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What It Means for Sellers

The Preferred Sellers Program brings a special set of benefits to proven Reverb sellers like yourself to help you grow your business. Once you meet the minimum requirements, it’s totally free to join.

What It Means for Buyers

Preferred Sellers have all established a solid track record on Reverb with consistently high feedback. While every order qualifies for Reverb Protection, buying from a Preferred Seller is an extra assurance that your experience will be extraordinary.

Benefits for Preferred Sellers

The Badge of Honor

Proudly display the Preferred Seller Badge on your profile page, your shop page, and on all of your product listings. The badge encourages buyers to purchase from you – they can even search specifically for products sold by Preferred Sellers!

Lower Direct Checkout Rates

Direct Checkout allows buyers to use debit and credit cards during checkout and enables Reverb to put money in your account faster. Reverb charges 2.5% plus $0.25 for payment processing on Direct Checkout, versus the 2.7% charge for non-Preferred Sellers. You save even more over PayPal fees. Learn more about Direct Checkout.

Discounts on Reverb Bump

As a seller, you want maximum exposure for your items. Reverb Bump allows you to pay a small amount to “bump” your products to the top of the listing pages. Bumped products receive more views and typically sell faster. Receive special rates on Reverb Bump as a Preferred Seller (up to 25% off).

Seller Protection

Since we are processing credit cards on your behalf with Direct Checkout, Reverb provides an additional layer of fraud protection. We act as your liaison to the credit card companies and go to bat for you in the case of an unauthorized payment claim. Be sure to read the full Direct Checkout terms.

Dedicated Account Managers

As a Preferred Seller, you get access to dedicated account managers who tackle your customer service issues quickly and professionally. You also receive help with bulk product uploads and in transferring existing listings from other platforms to Reverb.

Qualify to Enroll as a Preferred Seller

Consistently Positive Feedback

To become a Reverb Preferred Seller, you must have 10 completed sales on Reverb with an average feedback rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Once enrolled, you must maintain this 90% positive feedback rating average to remain in the Preferred Sellers Program.

Identity and Account Ownership Verification

You need to register your bank account info and undergo identity verification in order to participate in Direct Checkout – a Preferred Seller must-have. Once enrolled, you must continue to comply with the Reverb Direct Checkout terms.

Interested in joining?

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Become a Preferred Seller

Detailed Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must maintain an average feedback rating of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars to continue to participate in Direct Checkout.
  • Must publish policies for refunds and returns for your shop.
  • Must maintain a rate of order cancellation below 10% of total order volume.
  • Must verify identity and bank account ownership.
  • Must be current on Reverb fees and have payment info on file.
  • Reverb may withhold large payouts for Preferred Sellers pending shipment and tracking information as well as pursuant to internal guidelines based on RPS history
  • Must continue to comply with the Reverb Direct Checkout Terms of Use Agreement.
  • Note: Sellers that exceed $20,000 in gross Direct Checkout Sales (not including refunds) and do more than 200 transactions in a calendar year will receive a Form 1099-K at the end of the year from Reverb.
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