Reverb Direct Checkout

with Integrated PayPal

Reverb Direct Checkout

with Integrated PayPal

Reverb Direct Checkout is your all-in-one solution.

Direct Checkout is now the preferred option for Reverb users. Why? It allows both buyers and sellers to use a variety of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, Reverb gift cards, Reverb Bucks, Referral Rewards, and PayPal. Here’s what it means for you:

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Streamlined checkout experience.

Direct Checkout with Integrated PayPal improves the overall checkout experience. Fewer clicks. Simple and secure. Making checkout better for buyers means more transactions for sellers.

Better for buyers. Easier for sellers.

With the new Direct Checkout system, sellers only have to manage one payment option – their attached bank account. This means buyers can choose any payment method and it's all the same to sellers.

Close the gap between Paypal users and non-users.

Nearly 50% of Reverb transactions happen via Direct Checkout – those using PayPal only are unable to connect with half of the Reverb audience! Direct Checkout with Integrated PayPal closes the gap and allows everyone to transact in harmony.

Sellers enjoy the Reverb negotiated PayPal rate.

Standard PayPal rate for sellers is 2.9%. Direct Checkout with Integrated PayPal gives every Reverb seller access to a negotiated rate of 2.7% (as low as 2.5% for Reverb Preferred Sellers).

*Check your PayPal rates to see how this change may affect you.

Reverb Protection for Everyone

All transactions made through Reverb Direct Checkout are backed by Reverb Protection. However, PayPal transactions are backed by PayPal which limits our ability to provide support when issues arise (and we really hate not being able to help). Direct Checkout with Integrated PayPal applies Reverb Protection to every transaction.

*Those who opt out of Reverb Direct Checkout and use PayPal only are still not eligible for Reverb Protection.

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